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The win a lawn mower comp closing 08/08 has no submit button to enter at the bottom it just says you must log in - I have! has it closed early?

Daniel Haynes

Hello Irenejanine. I'm sorry for this problem - it's related to a technical problem we're having with the forum. We've currently got a developer working on a fix. The competition is definitely still open, so rest assured you will be able to enter it - hopefully today! Apologies again.

Daniel Haynes



It told me I had already entered, which I hadn't

Daniel Haynes

Hello fidgetbones - thanks for the update. A developer will look at this as a matter of urgency in the morning. Please be assured you will be able to enter the competition - we will sort it for you and anyone else who wishes to enter but can't currently.


Daniel Haynes

Hello fidgetbones, I've double-checked the entries for this competition and there is an entry listed for you, so you it will be counted during the draw. Although you couldn't view the 'Submit' button at the time, the system must have accepted your entry anyway. The developers have now fixed the bug, so hopfully you won't experience any further difficulties. If you do, please don't hesitate to let me know.



I cannot submit my competition entry....because I am told to fill in a form about myself which I have done dozens of time and still the submit does not appear.

I've entered several comps today with no problem - sorry if that's not much help, but it does indicate the difficulty might be at your end - are you on a pc or tablet? 

I can't find a submit button either - I've tried on a PC with both Chrome and Firefox.


 I get the You've already entered message - which is true, but there's also a Submit button clearly visible there at the bottom of all the small print.

Hooray. Either that wasn't there last time or I didn't spot it.

Well Good Luck to all that have been able to enter the competitions all I get is the following message and no enter button

You need to be a Gardeners' World member to take part in competitions. Either sign in or join up now!

Most frustrating I am in the loop of doom it's almost as bad as having to extract mare's tails a never ending task 

I too have tried to enter some cometitions but get sent round in a loop.

I'm starting to feel sea sick with all this spinning!!

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