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Beaus Mum

Nor can I reply to PMs

Can this be fixed? 

Orchid Lady
I've never received them, my settings say I should but I don't and never have, not even for PM's
Beaus Mum

It's so annoying as have to keep very close eye on the latest posts and now I'm back to work ill never keep up  Do you think it's worth emailing the GW IT team if there is one? 


I haven't had email notifications since Spring 2013. I've spoken to the techy people; they got them back briefly, then they vanished again. I use a laptop and all the right bits are in place, so I kind of assumed that no one was getting them.

It would be very useful to have them back again.

I have to sign in every time I look at the forum too now. Nuisance.


Beaus Mum

I'm off tomorrow so I will try and make contact with them and tell them our problems, I'm obviously not as patient as you all 

Wish me luck 

Beaus Mum

Bumped as its getting on my nerves!! 

Does anyone know email address of the admin team of the forum or Daniel who runs it? 



Orchid Lady

I think Dove does, but she doesn't have t'internet at the moment and using OH's lappy toppy so will need to keep bumping 


I'm not getting email notifications either. Sometimes happens, then they come back.

Beaus Mum

Thank you both

Bumpity bump x

Beaus Mum

Thank you star gaze x

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