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There appear to be videos to watch on this site, but I don't see any links or video pop-ups.

Any ideas?





Most of them are in the How To section under Projects, Video projects:

Do any of those work?  If not, you may need to install Flash player.  If you are using an Apple device, they may not be available as Apple have decided not to allow the universal Flash format to work on many of their gadgets.


Thanks Bob,

No video from your link or any other

Flash 11 is installed.
Using PC, Win7-64 all updates applied
Can watch u-tube etc and no problems with video from other sites - just this one



Hi Pete, I'm using exactly the same setup but they work OK here.  I would think it's a browser setting somewhere, but difficult to say exactly which one!

Can you try another browser?  I just tried Chrome and they work OK in that.  If Chrome works then time to investigate IE settings.  If Chrome doesn't work either then I'm stumped.



Thanks Bob

just installed chrome and voila! les videos

Thanks for you help - I'll fiddle with IE - or may encourage me to stick with chrome

So I can see them fine now too thanks Dove




I had to switch to chrome a while back because IE won't let me view videos - flash and everything was up to date. And it still doesn't work fully to this day.


I've found the culprit.

I'm using IE 10 and had Tracking Protection turned on.

I turned it off and the videos appear.

Hope this may help others


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