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hello, not sure if this is just a problem that I am having. Although I have indicated to receive an email when another person replies to my question, I do not get this confirmation at all. I check my "spam" or junk mail and there's nothing there either. it's really frustrating because I do not visit the forum regularly but check my emails every day. 

Not sure what i'm doing wrong ???


It's a known problem shazza, many of us also don't receive notifications, your not on your own!😊

Kitty 2

I find it's a bit hit and miss, works sometimes. Think you have to remember to tick the box every time you post.  My "followed threads" also seem to switch themselves off at random 

Hazel --

Shazaa, Think you have to go into Settings and tick some boxes of preference in the Forum and Messages sections. 

If you click on your avatar,( top right hand corner) and choose Settings, go from there. 

I don't get notifications even though it's ticked, I've just changed my forum editor to basic to see if that makes a difference. Don't forget to save any changes you make shazza.



Yes Hazel's right - go into you Settings and Check the Email notificatiions (think that's what it's called) and Save - then when you also click on the box below your post you should get the notifications come through.  They used to be a bit hit and miss but now it seems pretty reliable if you tick all the boxes.

If not you can send a PM to NoraGW 


Nora.    Is there any way you can go back a page without losing your own post ?   



To go back a page 'mid post' I open up a second GW tab and navigate through that to check facts or whatever, then return to the first to continue posting.

Hope that helps - if I've not explained it clearly let me know.  


Hi Runnybeak,

Yes either as Dove has explained, or copy what you've written to clipboard and paste it back once you've finished reading.

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