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How strange Elaine, it's perfectly ok for me 


Elaine try altering the size of the font - I have that problem now and again, and that sorted it.

Had to get daughter to assist and that's all she embarassing  

Heather Michaels

I've never had a single email notification since I joined the site. I think it's getting personal with me

Don't think it's personal..HM... I've not had notifications for a while now and no response from an e-mail.

Try checking your rmessage settings, although there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with mine. I did get regular notifications, then they all came at the same time, now nothing....


I add my voice to not getting notifications - but then I've only just joined......



Doesn't preclude you from having a moan Holly. I've given up complaining after my response from Daniel which is on page 1.

does take a while to do, you get them then stay for a bit then gone, would help getting these though

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