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The potty gardener

I'm not getting an e mail when someone posts on a thread I've posted on and asked for notifications

nor me and i dont get smiies if i log in ,,dont log in i get them but cant use them
The potty gardener

After posting this I got loads of notifications all in one go then nothing since



Not had any for about a week.Irritating


Again I haven't got the emails, this happened a few days back and I mentioned it to the moderator, got the emails and now I haven't

Woodgreen wonderboy

B P-K  they seem to come in a rush, every now and rhen, rather than when properly due, as if they are queueing somewhere. Best to check your followed threads instead.


Nut, I have pm'd you

No emails for me either not fair takes ages to find evening thread as not in followed threads either - pain - like getting notifications


just had 27 notifications

Me got notifications now got 10 not as many as you little-ann but good for that coming back


Oh Lordy, just got 30 GW emails.

Highland Jeannie
artjak wrote (see)

Oh Lordy, just got 30 GW emails.

As they say "Be careful what you wish for"



It's now been about a month since I have had email notifications; I simply don't have time to use the forum without them Will report to moderator AGAIN.


Received this pm from Daniel.  Not sure whether he will make an official post.

Please be assured It isn't that gardeners warrant less attention than users of the other sites looked after by the dev team - it's simply that every single job that is submitted is assigned a priority, and all jobs are tackled in priority order. In addition to bug fixes, tweaks etc there are also major projects in progress (including new features of, which take up a great deal of time and resources.

I've chased these jobs up again - they haven't been forgotten and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Regarding the spam, we do delete it as soon as it is reported, as well as monitoring the threads ourselves. We can't simply filter out the word 'kitchen', for example, as it's one that people will want to use legitimately in their forum posts. I've asked the team if they find a better solution than the one we currently have, though, so hopefully they will come up with something.



Hi the words are all jumbled up ,in :what to do now;.totally unreadable.