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star gaze lily

Hi Matty2 have tried to PM you but for some reason its just not working. Hope you get to see  the above message


Oh Lily I am sorry.

Perhaps you should try to purchase one from an olive tree nursery. There are some around.

I bought my 2 at the Malvern Show when the olive nursery local to here was selling them off in pairs - sort of a bogoff deal

Though they have not done it since they always seem to have really healthy plants.

My NDN bought hers from Morrisons

star gaze lily

Yes i'm quite sad about it, it was such a beautiful shape. We will definitely get another and try again. We live in sussex so will look out for a olive tree nursery  near enough to us or go to a few gc further afield.  But thank you once again for all your help and advice, much appreciated. 


Your welcome . It's what we come on the forum for 

star gaze lily

Yes Matty2,  its a shame it can't always be like this.. manners don't cost anything do they. Look forward to your help and advice many thanks Matty


star gaze lily

Here you are supergran hope this helps, there's also another thread too.

Olive trees thrive down here....Cornwall...and our local town has them throughout as a permanent feature.

Not sure if it's good to bring indoors except for very cold areas.  A wrap of fleece during cold weather should suffice.

They are attractive trees but I feel they should not be over cosseted 

star gaze lily

Try this website ommthree

Thanka a lot Lily!

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