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hi. newbie to forums. enjoying the mails and checklist listbut getting lots of overlapping titles covering checklists etc. regards jacci


Welcome Jacci  

There have been some technical problems with the site which are getting sorted - I understand there's a rebuild happening - but I thought most of the problems were solved by now.  

I'm not having problems any more - what are you using, laptop, pc, iPad?  Not that I could explain any likely problems but the more info you put up here the more likely some of the much more technically savvy people will be able to help - I'm sure someone will get to the bottom of things so don't give up on us ....

Hi jaccI, I have an IPad and have to double check my texts, many are being spellchecked wrong.......hopefully it will be sorted soon.  Welcome to the site.


  • Hi the text is also overlapping on my :what to do now jobs:.everything else OK. 

Text still overlapping on my checklists

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