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In "My Posts" the first page works ok but if you go to page 2, 3 etc it returns to the main Welcome page.

Any suggestions Admin?


I have the same problem so assuming it's a technical issue with the site?


i have the same problem and cant edit either

Shrinking Violet

Ditto.  I wanted to look up some info I know was on a previous thread, to which I had contributed, to try to help a new poster.  Couldn't get beyond the first 10 of  "my posts" 


Daniel Haynes

Hello all. This problem has been logged with our technical team, who will resolve it as soon as possible. Thanks for bearing with us, and please accept my apologies for the glitch.


Hi everyone - being relatively new to the forum I have lost track of some discussions where I made comments and as I had something more to say (not unusual for me !!!) I used the 'my posts' facility and like everyone else could not get past page 1. 

However, I have just discovered that all my posts seem to be logged as follows - 

go to 'my settings' page - scroll down to 'Forum Settings' and click to open it - scroll down to 'Forum notifications' and all posts should be listed by Discussion Name.

I can't be sure but the listing of my posts in 'Forum Settings' seem to be in date order with last post first !!!

Not sure if this is the intended location of the 'my posts' record but I was pleased to make this discovery so that I can re-establish contact in some discussions.

I have not come across the 'edit' function yet so cannot comment !!!

Hope this helps and apologies if it's been repeated in another discussion. 


Thanks fotofit that worked.


That's a great bit of detective work, fotofit.  Well done.

Hollie-Hock had suggested having a scrapbook on the forum to keep old posts in but I just have a file in My Documents on the computer which I keep open while browing the forum and if I want to save a link I highlight the address bar and drag the little green GW into the file.  Until the problem is sorted then it works for me.

The Edit is hidden until you run your cursor over your post - bottom right -  then an Edit and Quote button appear.  On other people's post just the Quote button appears and you can highlight part or all of their text, hit the Quotebutton and then transfer it to your post via the

button next to the ABC just above the reply box.  Comme ca -

fotofit wrote (see)

I have not come across the 'edit' function yet so cannot comment !!!

I have tried to edit this post several times to put the little blue quote mark picture within the text but it doesn't work so sorry that last bit is a fragmented. 

At least I know the "edit" works......


please fix the post pages it would just be so much easier

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