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Please!..can anyone tell me where I can obtain an 'ice/pale blue delphinium? I have white & royal blue but am finding it hard to get the pale blue one! ( I did notice in the background of Monty Doms gardener s world a few weeks ago, but where can I obtain one? Thank you all! Rose Ann
Thanks for your quick response...I'll do that & let you know the outcome ; won't be tonight though! r/a

If you can hang on I have plants with seeds that are drying. Happy to send you some.

How nice is that?
Let me know when Lyn?
(Very thoughtful of you; just returned home from hospital
so that's cheered me up!
Thanks, have been searching for a couple of years now!



I had one called Summer Nights that was lovely, purchased from local GC.  Sorry not any help other than it's name.


Rose Ann, I will certainly let you know. Maybe a couple of weeks.

Hi Lyn!

Any news on the Delphinium seeds?

(Don't want to be a nuisance)

Kind regard,



Yes, Rose Ann, they are coming on, I always deadhead, which means I still have flowers but they are turning now, I think it would be better to set them next Spring now, or would anyone think there is still time now?


 It looks paler in the photo, but its a gorgeous ice blue.

Wonderful Lyn!...thanks for your kindness I'll leave it to you to contact me; I don't want to worry you?

The first seeds are ready, if you would like to send a PM to let me know where to send them. You can get to Private message by clicking on your name at the top.

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