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2nd test




Nope again

 Inverted photo in library before using the tree icon - still doesn't work.


Trying after cropping and constraining (ouch!)


 Note: above is a detail of earlier pic and everything remained upright from start to finish 

Q: is the orientation problem to do with the

(a)  amount of memory used on a picture?

(b)  the physical size, or shape of a picture?

(c)  the  size of a picture in terms of pixels used? (or is this the same as (a)?

(d) the original orientation of the picture:landscape or portrait?



Q: is the orientation problem to do with: (d) the original orientation of the picture:landscape or portrait. Lets see:

Portrait original:


The first one went sideways before saving, but went upright after saving, but before submitting.

Landscape original:

 This one also went upside down just before saving but went upright after saving but before submitting.

now lets see what happens on submitting...





Try cropping a little....

originally portrait




Above pic stayed upright throughout process... 

originally landscape




 So did the 2nd pic.  

Cropping solved it, but how much do you need to crop off?

the answers to my original questions so far seem to be:

is the orientation problem to do with the

(a)  amount of memory used on a picture?  A: Could be ( too techy for me at present)

(b)  the physical size, or shape of a picture?   A: possibly size but not shape

(c)  the  size of a picture in terms of pixels used?    A: Could be

(d) the original orientation of the picture:landscape or portrait.   A: seems Not

I hope this will help someone else -  including me next time!



hi Birdy,  I note your problems here... I'm not an expert at these things by any means, but the first photos you put up, the upside down tree.. were the best images for me, except being the wrong way up... as you could enlarge them and zoom in, just a little bit...   they also fill the screen nicely...

when you invert them to the right way up in your folder, you do have to 'save' that new image.... that's all I can suggest... otherwise when you try to upload, they will revert to the wrong way again... I don't know what system you're using or if this is the problem... it's just a suggestion..

I'd like to see you try again with that tree in the earlier images as all it needed was to be the right way up... everything else was fine really...

are you able to use a web album at all, such as Photobucket, or Picasa...? they're both free... I think Imageshack is another...


Birdy, I'm starting to feel seasick


Artjak: don't look then! (Meant kindly 

I'm using the thread as I think Salino intended - experimentally. I have been concerned that my previous photo difficulties, when I joined the forum recently, and all the support you and others were offering, was hijacking the Garden Gallery thread from its intended purpose.

Salino creating this thread as a testing site seemed a good way to protect everyone else from becoming irritated by all the failed photo posting (not just mine) by giving those of us who experienced problems freedom for experimentation. That way I have learnt, for example, that cropping the photos can help (Although I'm not yet sure why?)

Salino - thanks for suggestions. I know I need to remember to save the inverted image in library folder before uploading (although I did forget once for twice). It doesn't seem to correct the problem however. 

Incidentally, the cropped photos also enlarge, and fill the screen; all I do (on the iPad) is tap the screen and up they come.

To make an exhaustive (and exhausting!) set of tests I would need to save the same photo in all inversions (= 4) in both landscape and portrait orientations (x 4 = 8) as well as testing any other variables that may affect finished result (eg how many photos are submitted in the same post, how much cropping is used.... It's endless! so, for the moment I'm not going to. Had enough! 

 Artjak: you can look now - I'm stopping for today!


Artjak: you are looking so much better now  .

(Being in the same region, you're no doubt getting the same weather as me  makes all the difference, eh!)

BobTheGardener wrote (see)

Testing full res 3072x2304



Not directly related to pictures but I've seen a few plants like the one above around and about where I live and would like to know what they are please!  If I've correctly ID'd it, it's usually in flower about now

Incidentally, I use Photobucket and have never had issues with zooming in pics and having them post upside down for some reason - I would suggest that as being the easiest way around and of course it can act as a 'back up' for your images as well 

Salino's a Peony... officinalis 'Rubra' probably... nice plants aren't they... short flowering season puts me off a bit...

They are lovely.  It's only the first proper year in my garden but looking at neighbour's gardens, I do seem to have a bit of a gap in flowering between spring bulbs and summer flowers.  Some things are out (Rhodos and Azaleas look fab) but not as much as I would like ideally.  Love this thread and the pics for inspiration though! 


Birdy13, were you in The Walks King's Lynn last weekend when we had a 'Compost Masters stall; you would have met my colleagues and myself. It has been a lovely hot day here.



Artjak: not me, honest guv  - (I think that would have been when I was in my garden starting pruning my plum tree )


I figured flickr out. It gives much better results, it's very easy to resize or rotate the image, and when you post a pic here, it automatically generates a clickable link to the rest of your photos in that set if people want to further gander. It is completely free, you can store like half a million images, and if you own a popular email like yahoo gmail etc, then you simply log in to that when you click to join and there you go. My favourite part is the drag and drop on the upload screen, once you finish, you can then rotate any of the images before you upload, then it uploads all in one go.

DSCF1763 by BrummieBen, on Flickr

Very happy with the site. Much easier than this forum, and the images can be full size. If you click on the DSCF1763 under the photo you can then go to flickr and see the rest of the album or right click on photo to view at full size.


..just mucking about here again...testing win 8.1 and comparing with Firefox... please ignore....