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Salino strange.. the first one was via Firefox and is larger than the 2nd which is via IE11 onWin 8.1... I can edit in IE but I can't edit in Firefox...if I want to resize via the 'paint' box..., I shall have to resize the photo in IE, otherwise they don't enlarge... and post it with Firefox....

..sorry, just thinking aloud here.... bi for now...


Lovely colour observed before ignoring


lol...I just knew you wouldn't miss anything...  batten down the hatches...big storm next week....or is Fenland too flat to notice...?   well, I hope so...


I shall notice Salino. I hate wind.


How do I insert a photo when I'm using an iPad Help please
Salino idea how to help you with that one... so putting this up hope someone else can...

Try hard wrote (see)
How do I insert a photo when I'm using an iPad Help please

1. Take the photo with iPad - note where it is stored (folder name)

2. Return to GW forum to write your post

3. When you have typed up to the desired insertion point of your post tap the little tree icon in the Toolbar at the top of your posting window

4. In the new window that appears, tap Select 

5. Then tap Choose existing

6. Your various photo folders will appear, tap on the one your photo is in to open it.

7. Choose your photo by tapping on it - the words image jpg will appear In the new window that opened.

8. Tap on upload - the photo will appear in you posting window (sometimes a bit distorted at first)

9. Finish typing your post as normal and tap Submit reply.

PS If the photo ends up upside down or on its side, you may have to crop it to reduce its size (in computer memory terms). 

Good luck! 




star gaze lily

Thanks Birdy, thats helped me too! I didn't know how to do that either.

Thanks Birdy, another mini project for a wet day. I use an IPad but don't use it for photos as I have a reasonably good camera so next time it's not raining I'll photograph something in the garden and give it a go. Jean

Salino, thank you for starting this thread - just getting to hang of posting photos, useful information and examples. Appreciated.

Birdy13, thank you for simplifying what to do to get photos from one place to the place you want it to be. sanity saved!


..oh no problem... just test some people like to use Photobucket..I used to...or Picasa or some other web based service... nowadays I like to upload direct from my p.c. and all I have to do each time is reduce by 20% using the Paint facility... I find that quite easy and quick now... not that I post very often.....   hope to see some of your photos in due course....

 Oo err, well at least it's the right way up! I cropped it at bottom and right side with photo editor and uploaded from there. It's elongated and too big. Will keep trying.

Oh,  it's OK now 

 forgot the time lapse in uploading



...that huge bee ! lol.....nice enlarges beautifully and I can zoom in...


1st test photo! 

 Quite happy with that! Had to crop it a fair amount though. 

Probably too big when enlarged

Good photograph Tina39, enlarges sharp and clear 

That's good - thanks. Couldn't get it to load in the correct orientation for a few attempts and then I read about cropping.