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  way to go!!!  

 just checking something

site very reluctant to download photos greater than 800 pixels-could that be a function of distance?-this one took a couple of minutes at 1000 pixels but image enlargement is perfect-at 500 and 800 pixels photos occupy less than half screen.

at 900 horizontal pixels pic fits enlargement frame exactly with great quality but download time(for me) is still slooow-would be interested to see if pixel change works for you. i edited on my laptop.


horizontal pixels at 850-download fairly fast-seems about the right size-hope the pic didnt get boring but wanted to use the same one for comparison

 this is a someone elses foto i captured from garden gallery its about 300 pixels but with the blowup problem-i edited it to 850 pixels-quality suffered but enlarges correctly-lord have mercy the happening world is a complex place-hope you folk will experiment and see if it works-done obsessing with this.


That photo at 6.09 enlarges beautifully David.

Something has changed in what happens when I enlarge some of the photos.

Where formerly the picture filled the screen, now they become HUGE and I can only see small areas of a very blurred image 

On tablet: first three photo's enlarged perfectly sharp by tapping the the photo, using  fingers to open out same photo's  gave b

 checking pixels on this out of curiosity

lurry edges. Last photo blurred using both methods. All filled the screen with white edge to right.

Details: 1536 x 1931 , focal length- 2.79, aperture- 2.6

Way too big when enlarged but kept sharp image.

Checking if can change size, seem to be auto sizing even when cropped.

Think may have to take portraits from distance, then may loose clarity.

Have to move photo's from gallery to photo,  could then resize. this  photo to 811x609 px


Nope, enlargement too square, but reducing still gave good clarity. Encouraging 


 Sorry for hijacking your thread but I cant seem to upload photos so I'm testing it on here!



I have been trying to put a photo on this site and with a struggle I managed thinking of buying it for my second home




Very dinky little van Philip . Hope you haven't got a big family.  


do you think I should invest in a awning?


philip if it wasn't in such good nick I'd suggest using it as a greenhouse, no worries about frost damage to plants in there