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Woody - you can't share pictures on an iPhone yet - but not sure about a Mac.  Can you see the tree icon in the tool bar of your "woody says" reply box??

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Chicky I have tried and failed , which might be down to my technical incompetence of course, in which case perhaps Daniel might tell me what to do?


I might be the only one, but I quite like that it's a little old fashioned. It keeps it relatively user friendly, and I'm sure others wont be too offended when I say, there are a number of older members on the forum, and changing things rapidly mind bewilder them. I know for a fact that even for a young'un like me, some forums are so complicated on mobile UI's they're unusable. The fact it's simple and traditional will appeal to many on here.

If there was a large enough number of people accessing the site via mobiles I'm sure they would update it, but I really don't think there is.

I think it's a case of like it or lump it really


I have just bought a new phone, LG and can post photo's onto site, I am pleased with that.



Woodywondeboy.  I'm not techno at all but, I have taken pics on my iPhone then enlarged it and taken that pic with the iPad and posted. Long way round I know, but if your not techno, why not  


Woody - can you email your iPhone photos to yourself, then pick them up from your Macbook to post on here?

Woodgreen wonderboy

My mac has all my photos on it but when I have tried to upload it doesn't work from a mac.

Can Daniel help? Please.

At moment Gardengirl helps me. I send pics. via her. She is great help.

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