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I think this site really needs a system where you can upload photos from your phone. It's far easier to snap pictures on your phone in the garden and in this modern time I'm surprised a site like this doesn't have that option.

Lifes a bitch sometimes Alex.

Cant you load them to a pc. Or buy a cheap tablet, mine works fine.

Lol no life's not a bitch the site is just outdated. Every fourm I've used before enables to upload straight from your phone. Just a suggestion

...heaven help us when we all get Google


We gardeners find a way round any deficiencies alex. Photobucket and similar sites are a way round.

If this site was latest tech we might find ourselves paying for it. Or not, which would be a shame.

I prefer a more positive outlook


It was ment to be a positive feedback. It's the replys that are not. I thought it was a good idea Obviously people don't agree.
I've never heard of any fourm making you pay to use it's services but anyway everyone is entitles to their view

Happy gardening

The forum members aren't the right people to ask about getting new techie stuff - we're mostly just simple gardeners. Perhaps if you email the main site they will be able to advise 

I agree, this site does need a way of getting pics directly onto it from a mobile phone. It's been a great source of annoyance for me since I joined up!
I'm sitting with a I.T. Expert (a friend of mine) and i asked him if it was possible and he said 'it's really easy, espiecally if you can already do it from a tablet....(At this point he started battering on about stuff I don't understand so I just drifted off and nodded in the right places).......and I'm sure they will sort it next time they update the website'
I'm not sure if that clears things up but I have learnt not to get my friend talking about web sites and seriously, he's still prattling on as I'm typing this!
Salino is a bit antiquated I must admit and not good enough really in this day and fact you need to be some sort of mathematician just to work out how to upload a photo ordinarily... although this is true of other forums I find..... still,  we must be thankful for small mercies that we have this one....warts and all....

I love this site. There are so many people willing to offer help and encouragement - but I really think it's not asking too much to be able to upload photos from an iPad or mobile phone.
Scott Edwards

I think Alex is making a reasonable point. Whilst it is fairly straight forward to load pictures from my phone onto my laptop or tablet and then onto the site you would have thought that the technical experts that operate the forum would make it possible to go straight from the phone to the forum. I'm no expert, so it might be more complicated that I think, but would have thought that with camera's being so good on mobiles these days a lot of folk would benefit if its a straightforward thing to do. 


I agree with uploading from the phone - I'm always out in the garden going " what the dickins is this?!" And "agh what's that doing on my flowers?!" But by the time I've come back in, been sent back out to remove my muddy wellies, found my notepad,  fired up,  bluetoothed the file, got distracted and gone and made a cup of tea while AVG performs another scan...

i completely agree. I find it very frustrating and outdated that the site doesnt have this option - meaning that i cant post photos as i have not currently got a working PC, and my iphone doesnt give me the option to post via there... i want to share my pics!


This is a problem for most web forums like this one.  The workaround is to upload your photos from your phone to one of the many "photo album" sites like photobucket using their particular mobile app, then use the "External site" tab on the upload page here and paste in the link (URL) of your photo from that site.

This is a link to the Photobucket mobile phone app, for example:



When i first got my phone - last summer- you COULD upload photos from it.  It only stopped when apple released their new ios 7.  No doubt it'll all catch up in time


I'm glad everyone's on the same wave length.
We should embrace technology
I'm not sure who the mods are in this site but hopefully they will take notice and give us all some feedback.
I've got loads of pics on my phone that I want to share with you all. I don't have a laptop so I only access this site on my mobile

Keep gardening

having spent a rather stressful 20 mins trying to get 2 pics on here, between my phone, and my work pc which doesnt allow access to photosharing sites, im ready for the hills... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow us a way to upload from iphones!!

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

I've checked this issue with a member of the development team who tells that they are hoping to implement a fix for this in the near future. There are no firm dates yet, I'm afraid, but please be assured we're aware of the problem and it's on the radar.

Daniel Haynes

Scott Edwards

Thank you Daniel for raising this issue with the GW development team. It's good to know that it's on the radar. Well done.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I now have an apple iPhone and a mac... blow me if I can work out how to share pictures on here..