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Many people have lovely spring flowers they are trying to share photos of on several threads but the site is not working properly.  It reduces the photos drastically and you cannot enlarge with a click.  it also defeats the object of having an rdit button as this removes your pictures.  Revision is needed urgently.

Gardening Grandma

Just downloaded some photos onto forum and they were reduced in size by about 50%


Do you know if anyone has reported it to Daniel ?  If so, will wait patiently.  If not, will try and work out how to contact him tomorrow.  The photos are one of the highlights of this site for me ....

hollie hock

For me too chicky,  I like to have a proper look

hollie hock

I'm using firefox as a browser and just installed an a thumbnail viewer as an add on. Not as a good as the click to enlarge but it does work without to much loss of quality



Hi blackest, I think that's all we can do for now.  I do hope this isn't an intentional change because I have seen some sites do this because they run out of server space.  Unfortunately, relying on external photo-hosting sites does mean that, over time, photos inevitably disappear from the forum threads as folk often unsubscribe from the photo-host sites or delete those pictures when they leave the forums they posted the links to.  There's nothing worse than finding a thread of interest then discovering the photos being talked about are missing!


I did report it in the end - will let you know if I get a response


Well done chicky. It's really important for people to be able to put pix on easily especially when they  need help identifying a plant.

hollie hock

I've been thinking the same Bob, I'm a bit lazy so don't really want to have to upload some where else, hadn't thought of missing pictures in threads as well

Thanks chicky for reporting it

blackest wrote (see)

You could upload pictures to an external site for example google picasa

here is an album i made earlier

not great photo's but its easy to share. I usually link images from picasa  as it is fairly reliable about uploading.


I've got picasa too but didn't know you could link to it...  you've got lots of seedlings coming on there... keep you busy..


Got a reply from the website team about the picture problem:

"We’re aware of this problem and are working on fixing it, along with a list of other
faults with the website at the moment! "

So hopefully all will be well soon



Hurray! Well done chick


I hope so, my eyes are struggling

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