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just wondering if any readers have kept pigs before and if so how easy it is and is it costly i only want to keep them for slaughter so it would be about 6 months 


Pigs is lovely.  But............................. There is such a lot of paperwork attached to them you should read up on all the regulations before you buy your weaners.

They need strong housing and fencing. You need transport or someone to take them to slaughter. It is no longer permissable to feed them on household waste food. You will have to buy in commercial feed.

But, as I say; pigs is lovely!  And the meat will be incomparable.


Friends of mine in a rural area have clubbed together to rear pigs for meat much as described here - this radio programme might give you some ideas.

But I recommend that at least one of the group does a smallholder pig-rearing course - there should be one available at your local agricultural college - as Welshonion says, it's a big committment and you need to know what you're taking on - but also as he says, the meat will be wonderful.  Hope you've got a decent sized freezer 


Our dog trainer saved a spotless pedigree piglet from slaughter.  It had no value to its breeder without spots.  It now lives with her and her dogs and walks to heel and plays football with them and the Welsh cob foal who also walks to heel.  Recently she got it a little piggy playmate.  These two are definitely not for eating.

Pigs are intelligent and, as with any pet or farm animal, deserve a good home and proper care and feed and there are now stricter rules for their care so I second the advice to get some training before acquiring a pig.  Happy pigs make happy meat and happy owners too. 

thanks for all your views and comments will give its lots of thought as we already have four chickens at which one dosen't lay and thinks it's a cockral

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