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Anyone else having trouble opening PM's, can see the message but can't open it?

Send me one and I'll tell you.

Got your PM MsB. Can you open mine to you?


Haven't received it WB?  Not sure whats going on with it, maybe its me


Didn't get it WB and my post has disappeared as well 



I'm also having problems....whenever I post a message on a thread - that thread does not register in my followed thread list and I then have to go pages back sometimes in order to continue with the conversation --- very, very frustrating!!


Press the F5 button Daintiness, sorts it out. This has happened before, a few months ago


THank you very much Nutcutlet - everything froze at 21.46 and now I have been pressing F5 on every new page I look at to get it to update....very weird.

Thanks nutcutlet everything froze about 9.30 for me so caught up on Beechgrove and GW

the site generally seems to have a caching problem. if the page still doesnt refresh after a single or few F5 presses, hold down SHIFT and press F5/refresh your browser. this clears the cache of old content.


I messaged Daniel, and got a message back saying that they're trying to sort it - it's a problem with the cache - however I can only see the message from Daniel on my iPhone, not here on my laptop 

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