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If I get another pop up saying i could win an iphone, ipad or ithingy i will throw this computer out of the window can anyone help? according to the settings popup blocker is on but i have a dancing blue apple tab saying i'm 100,000th visitor today and it won't go away        it seems to be worse on this site

I used to get that every time on photo bucket, I took all my photos off and won't use it anymore, never had it on here though, I expect a techie will come to the rescue.

thanx sotongeoff done! & it seems to have gone will celebrate with a glass of vino now In the words of Arnie I'll b back


adblock+, ghostery, noscript all useful tools to have installed in firefox.

noscript can be a bit of a problem because some sites need some javascript allowed but it is safer. 

Personally I don't run windows i use a version of Linux called Mint (fast safe secure and free).  Not for everyone thou Googles Chrome books might be


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