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Hi all,

a fellow member of GW forum has just had a message to say that my posts have been stopped?  I haven't had any message and was wondering if anyone has any ideas?



This post wasn't stopped Paula, you're here. Hello 


Hi Nut, That's what I thought, no problem here it seems..... 


They may have accidentally clicked 'Ignore' on one of your posts, Paula.  It's easy to do when the cursor passes over your avatar and the black box pops-up with "Message" and "Ignore".  If they have done that, they won't be able to see any of your posts.  They can fix it by going into 'Settings', then 'Forum settings' and 'Members I am ignoring'.  Then they need to remove your name from the list.  Some folk even accidentally do it to themselves which can be quite confusing for them!


Thanks Bob, does seem odd that I can post ok on here but one member has my posts stopped.  Maybe that's the reason.


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