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I had a message in my email on checking Ipad.

When I looked there was no reply option.

I wrote a new message to the person who wrote the message to me and there is a reply box for the person to reply to me.

I am used on other forums to using the pm system.

I find it weird!


Hi Kate, we haven't heard of any problems with the reply function on private messages. Could you send me a screen shot of the problem? On your iPad, you can click the Home button and on/off button to take a screen shot.


Were you able to read the message? 

Sometimes people aren't aware that the link in the notification email they receive only takes them to their Avatar/Name as it's shown on the top right of the GW page ... if you click on your avatar you should get options one of which is to go to Messages ... have   you done that? 

Edited to add ... Ah, Norah's on the case ... she'll sort it for you

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Ah yes, there is indeed an issue with the notification emails - if so, once you follow the link just click your avatar and go to 'My messages', as Dove has suggested 

Doghouse Riley

I've just sent a response to a PM I was sent at 3.00pm, there didn't seem to be a problem, but I wasn't able to find a way to add a photo.


So I had to send Judith F a new message when I looked there was a reply box to hers.

Thanks everyone for your replies!



I find if you want to send a photo to someone you need to click on ‘Message ‘ on the bottom of one of their posts.  There’s no photo facility  on the Avatar way.

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