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It can take up to 20 seconds to load the site or switch pages on my Android tablet. It used to be just as fast as viewing on my PC but is now horribly slow. I don't have any ad blockers running which can slow things down. Any ideas what might be causing this?


Check what else is running on yoyr android Steephill. The site is working just fine for me on my (android) tablet.

I have tried killing all other apps but nothing helps. It is only this site which shows this odd behaviour though, all other sites I have tried are fine.


Have you kept your updates going. I find the android tablet a pain in the bum.

I cant see what I am typing, the box is down behind the keyboard, one slight touch on something and you lose your comment, no private messages,terribly slow,  the ony good thing about is no booting up.

Its easy to take a pic and post in one go without having to load onto computer.

After much trial and error on my android tablet I now find that turning the tablet upright and expanding the box to avoid the rolling adverts you can see what you are typing,  the keyboard is smaller.

Not being able to receive PM's - had lots of help from the web team and Daniel,  following through advice found that a security certificate from GW was not compatible, something about Yahoo  being blocked for security.

Oddly, at the weekends, I can read pm messages but can't get a reply message box to work.

Having these inconveniences is frustrating but I chose the tablet for convenience, to  take photos, quick reference curtesy of and being able to email family and friends without the hassle of the pc and all its junk.

Also been advised to get one of those pen/stick things to type with, saves errors I'm told.

And keep the battery topped up when posting pictures.

Hope any of this helps to diffuse the frustration 



I'm finding that the forum isn't great on Android or iPad.



I am doing all that, I had an Ipad briefly, it wouldnt charge so sent back, but I did find it good for this site.

I woudnt buy another android, just in case its like the one I have now.

I am now on a phone which is brill, photos and pm 's

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