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Does anyone else have problems with this site? Sometimes it works, but is slow. Other times it packs up altogether and messages appear on my screen to say the site is not responding. Also my laptop seems to overheat when using the forum. It doesn't happen with any other website or forum. I know Internet is poor here, but it's weird that it's only GW that is affected. Are there too many ads on it? I didn't have these problems with the old site.

So frustrating, I've tried several times to answer questions on the threads and join in on threads but the site packs up.


I find it ok on the laptop, but it can grind exceeding slow on the iphone from time to time.


Funny, since I posted this, it's been a bit better , but some days are worse than others.


No probs here apart from the wind affecting phone lines so connections a bit iffy at times today and yesterday.  Council chappy came past trimming hedgerows and has left some cut branches hanging on phone and power lines so we're a bit blinky at the mo.

Have you got an ad block running?  That might help.  

Yes Busy Lizzie it is at best fickle.

posts suddenly disappear, the automatic scrolling is a nuisance and the pages jump around on my Ipad. The reliability of the old style forum far surpassed what we have now.  Frustrating for sure 

had a batch of notifications from nowhere again   



No problems here on my laptop. 


But it's my Laptop that gets hot when I'm on this site. I don't have an iPad.


I access the forum from an iMac (ie desktop computer) with Adblocker installed. That generally works ok although the site can occasionally be a bit slow and unresponsive.

I also access it from a 1st generation iPad mini without any Adblocker (cant find a free one which works). Along with many other iPad and tablet users the browsing experience is very hit and miss. Some days the pages seem to take ages to load and the boxes jump around all over the place as the myriad of adverts load. Pages frequently require reloading.

To be honest - it's a pain in the btm and the problems encountered by users of various tablet devices have been well documented.

Other days - like right now.. the site works fine on my iPad. Why?????

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I'm fairly ignorant about that sort of thing so I asked OH and he said you are correct but my Laptop has a fast CPU so it should be OK. When I first come on the site it's usually OK then it gets slower and slower, then the page sticks and won't budge and I can't type on it. Sometimes a message comes up sayin Gardeners World isn't responding. I often have to wait when the ads are changing and it didn't seem to like the ad for Nerines that there was recently. I thought it was an Internet signal problem but when I use OH's Laptop it's OK.


Topbird, it's working fine for me too this morning - so far!

Whether or not some are happy with the stability of the forum site, many are reporting problems.  Yes, fine on my desktop; unstable on my ipad.  I guess more use ipads than desktops now!  

For the record it is working well this morning.....yesterday it was not.   prob later it will misbehave again so there are gremlins lurking within the system. 

As per many of you I have no problems with using my notebook / laptop. As for mobile devices - iPad and iPhone - it is awful. Painfully slow. Now seeing as the website redesign was apparently aimed primarily at making it more compatible with increasing MD use I would say it's not really worked out too well!


Even as I posted "It's working fine at the moment" I thought about tempting fate.

Seriously misbehaving for the last 15 minutes on ipad

Papi Jo

Dear GW forum designer,

My phone can't cope with images. What to do?


There are only two things that annoy me on the new site, in fact they are the reason that I occasionaly take a break from the site because I can't put up with it, one is photos.   For the life of me I can't see why a gardening website doesn't prioritise the easy uploading of photos.  Without photos you can't ID plants, diseases or comment on garden design.  There's three of the main threads gone straight away.

The other is the endless scrolling to get to a single point on a thread.  The lack of a jump to first unread post is a real loss when compared to the old site.  Anyone else find these two annoying?



Yes, Yvie - though I can upload photos now reasonably easily, I find the inability to enlarge photos (a feature we had on the old site) irritating, when you're trying to do an ID or something.

And yes - "jump to first unread post" is sorely missed.  On a long thread it can take ages to find where you were when you last looked in.


Also, I can't understand why I sometimes get notifications, then they disappear for days...


Liri - if you're on a desktop or laptop computer you can enlarge photos by right-clicking on them and opening them in a new window or tab. They then appear as a full screen size photo which can be further zoomed.

On iPad I can do the finger pinch action to increase the physical dimensions of the picture - although this usually just results in a large low definition image.

Alternatively if I press and hold on the picture an option comes up to save it in my photos file (this is again on ipad) where I can see and enlarge a better definition image.

Hope that helps

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I actually find the uploading of photos easier on the new forum, and as Topbird says you can enlarge them by opening them in a new tab. 

But as has been said, there are times when the site is unresponsive or jumpy on my iphone. 


Haven't been on here for a while so it all looks very new  (on a desktop pretty hi spec) its very jumpy, it seems to be when I go to a new thread and all the side ads load, once they are there it seems to stabilise??

Sure I'll find my way around again but feeling a bit lost at the mo