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hollie hock

My posts isn't working, even to the last 100, just get the tomato page and I am also stuck with this tiny writing


Mmm when I post my message it isn't tiny


same here Hollie hock. But I hadn't noticed the my posts thing til you said. The writing's so small I can barely read it.


It has be like this since around 5-the Christmas smilies have gone as well -there is probably some site maintenance being done???


Everything was very slow earlier as well but that's OK now


Same here - also I think there's a problem with the competitions page - I've entered most of them  before, but the notice telling me that I've already entered so can't enter again isn't appearing as it usually does. 



hollie hock

Thanks, I thought it was due to a bit of reshuffle of pcs earlier today. Glad it's not a problem at my end. The font is tiny


my writing is small as well cant see it without a magnifying glass help


I haven't had a single email all evening about posts, and the writing is still tiny and the last post I wrote on Fork Handles suddenly jumped and disappeared.


My writing is tiny as well,  it wasn't like that this morning though,  guess the snow must have fallen on the lines LOL also the "Followed Threads" shows only 2 which I know is definatley wrong,


similar problem ; when I try to enter a competition  the answer does not "select"


Yes, it's all part of the problems - they are working to fix them - we need to be patient, but gardeners ought to be good at that 


I think my posts is fixed - well done technical people !!

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