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Mike Allen

I remember when I first contributed to GW Forum.  I opened up and readers more or less suddenly knew almost everything about me.  Thanks to Dove and a couple of other members.  I was for want of words, given a quick course in the internet and forums.  To this very day I thank those who I consider special friends.  All this internet stuff, being able to strike-up friendships was all new to me.  Until then.  My computer served me as a neand of business communication, record keeping and allowing me access to scientific areas etc.  Perhaps...something like a very large desk diary.

Having said all that.  Inan attempt to answer or help others with their gardening problems.  I often go to their profile, perhaps something there might help me, to get a picture of their experience/qualifications, locaction etc.  Sadly.  Few give any info.   Please.  Why?


I like to look at profiles too. I imagine many people don't even know about them or how to look at them. You click on the pic by your name. Maybe some people like to stay private.

But, Mike, you used to have a profile, I think it was quite long, but it's gone. You don't have a profile anymore. Perhaps you should update it.

Mike Allen

Busy -Lizzie.  Yes I have to admit when it come to mordern day IT.  Mike is in the corner wearing the pointed hat.  As you say BL  my profile was a long one.  I tended to outline my life story.  Along with this, some forum members have complained.  Truthfully this has to say the leat, it has hurt me.  Now I am somewhat restricted asto what I can say/write.  I am obliged not to mention anythin related to personal experience, qualifications and so forth.  So in all honesty.  If i offer advice, how do I explaine the reasoning behind my experience, practice etc.  So BL I deleted my profile.  Since then, I have provided you with such.  Please continue to enjoy the forum and your garden.  Sincere best wishes.  Mike Allen.


Thank you Mike. But you could write a short profile without too much life story. You don't have to give a lot of reasons for offering advice, just a few words to say what sort of gardening you like or something like that.


The only thing you need to say in your profile is briefly where you garden and maybe what soil so that people offering advice can help with relevant info and advice - if they bother to look.

As for posting replies and advice, it is enough to say "in my experience" or "as far as I know".

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