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Something has gone wrong with reviews. If you look at peoples' profiles it says everyone has reviewed 1237 (I think) plants starting with moth orchids.


Hi Busy, theres already a post on this in the forum


Sorry, didn't see it, was bedtime when I posted, not concentrating. I'll have a look now.


I have a similar query: for some reason, my profile says "neighborhood: Tower Hamlets", even though I gave my residence as Switzerland. I've noticed this for other forum members too, e.g. Thai Ger. I wonder what the reason for this is?


It's because you live out of GB. Just add where you do live in the profile.



It's the same for me, SwissSue, I live in France. Why Tower Hamlets I wonder? Doesn't sound a very gardeny sort of place, East London!!


Perhaps someone thought that Tower Hamlets needed more gardeners 

chilli lover

Is it reaaly just those outside this country? I've noticed loads of people seem to live in Tower Hamlets


Think quite a few of them are one person posting under several names - he has a reputation 

I'd noticed a lot of people seem to live in Tower Hamlet.

Tower Hamlet is part of the Old East End, bombed severely during the war, it's were all the new regeneration has gone on in London, with the creation of Fishermans Warf and the Olympic village.

If you've ever had the pleasure of going on the river bus to Hampton Court you'd see it's mainly sky scrapers and office buildings now, wouldn't have thought it was allotmenteering country or they'd have big gardens, land being at a premium in London.

Someone sugested on an earlier post Tower Hamlet could be where GW comes from/are based hence Tower Hamlet being used as the place peope live if outside the UK. 

 Prehaps we should ask the editor....


Hi Zoomer, I sent an E-Mail to GW yesterday to ask why. Hope to get an answer, probably not til Monday. Have a nice Sunday everyone, it's freezing here and 8 in. of snow, roll on Spring!

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