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What's this on our screen's with British gas advert they don't do gardening plants & stuff not a happy chappie with this after all they are making PLENTY money from us homeowner's make the screen advert's for gardening please.


Just installed an adblocker on Chrome and the happy chappie's gone.


figrat I've had a look on chrome and there's ad blocker and ad blocker plus. Does it make any difference which I choose do you think? Are they both freebies?


I did one yesterday nut- think it was just the standard one. I think you're meant to pay what you want- but I reckon you need to test it first to see if it does the job....


Thanks Fg. I'll pull one in and see how it goes


If you were running a business Andy-you take what advertising you can get-it is up to you to take measures to avoid

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