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With hundreds if not thousands or threads on this site, why is there not a search facility.

Search me 


Sorry Tom.  Is there a search facility here folks? 

star gaze lily

Very quick Verdun 

Can you use the 'search the site' bit at the top 


Up the top, 'search this site'. I can't remember what those good and bad site reporting threads were called. I think one had Parker's Bulbs in the title



Tom have a look at the thread entitled the Good guys, I've bumped it back to page one.

Hey! That was a brilliant thread....

Sorry to all who replied. Must have had the glasses on, or scrolled up sufficiently.

But thank you all for pointing out the search at the top of the screen.


I know what you mean Tom. I often miss what's right in front of me

My problem with the search is that I can't remember what the threads were called.


Sorry Folkes am I dumb? When I enter Wallflowers in SEARCH I get a list of SEARCH!! Yes I did delete SEARCH before entering WALL FLOWERS


I've noticed this happening recently bridjohn - it didn't use to  - but if you then type wallflowers  into the keyword box on that page it should work properly.

I've meant to flag this up to Daniel but keep forgetting as I don't use the search thingy very often  

Glad I'm not the only one having problems!!


Yep, been like that for a while now.  I'll check the site feedback thread and report it if no-one else has.

Edit: Whoops, I see that's where you posted this anyway, Tom!  I generally only use the 'latest' and 'new' buttons on the forum and never browse under the section topics.


Don't type your subject into the box at the side of the weather forecast. Click on the magnifying glass and a new page will open with search ability on it.

Thanks KEF.....problem solved!!! I think I may have done that before without really understanding how I had done it and now its perfectly   I'm now confident that I can lift my tulips!! Thanks again.



 Easy when you know how.  Ivy enjoy your tulips next year

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