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I might have missed it but I cannot find a search function on this site. 

 If I have a question I would normally look to see if it had been answered previously and then either take the info from there or add to the discussion (presumably moving to the top of the list again)

So unless you follow the forum very closely you might restart a discussion that had been covered before.


Miss Becks

Hi Jimmar. There is a search option right at the top of the site page, next to the weather highlights and where you log in/out.

I've used it before, and it brings up forums posts. Not sure about whole questions though. I just used keywords.

Hope this helps.

Hi there - as a relatively newbie forumite I understand that we use the search box at the very top of the web page which we can, after our first search, refine so that the results relate only to the forum entries !!

Hope this makes sense - I've used it a few times but it doesn't always recognise some of the search script so I have have had to try various word combinations !!!! 


Durrrr! How embarrasing, honestly I have been searching around for it for a couple of weeks and couldn't see it sitting up there.

Miss Becks

 I'm new to the site as well, so still searching around for things.


Gary Hobson

Everything on this site is also indexed by Google, so you can easily find whatever you want by Googling for:  whatever-you-want

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