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Green Magpie

Just joined this site, and very pleased to find it now that the BBC Garden Forum is facing imminent collapse.

One thing that would help users: is there any chance of a search facility being set up? It would be a great help to find if our questions have already been raised, rather than keep repeating the same questions and answers.


That's what the BBC is famous


Does the search at the top of the page not help???

Daniel Haynes

Hello Green Magpie. If you use the search box at the top of every page, that will bring up any site content related to your chosen search topic, including forum posts. Do let me know if you have any difficulties finding anything.


Having joined today, i am finding my way around, a little confusing at first but never been known to give up. Will let you know what I think once conversant with the operation. Frank.


Green Magpie

Well, I know they say there's no such thing as a silly question, but I seem to have managed to ask one! Somehow I missed that search box even though I thought I'd looked all around.

Thanks for the patient replies - at least this has demonstrated to me that this is a friendly and helpful place!

other sites do have a "search the Forum" feature which narrows the results massively whereas the search on here gives you reams and reams from the ENTIRE site

I put in "window boxes" and had 7 pages to scroll through by which time I was past caring

still didnt find the answer either! (I was wanting to know when to plant them out with the seedlings I've grown over the winter)

Daniel Haynes

Hello grai. Once you've searched for a particular term, you can then filter the results further, to prevent you from scrolling through all of the results pages. You can choose to view articles (i.e. projects, problem pages, blogs etc), forum posts or plant profiles. So, for example, if you search for 'Window boxes', then click the 'articles' button, you'll see a list of all the content types in the left-hand menu:

Search results for 'window boxes', filtered by article

Search results for 'window boxes', filtered by forum posts

We've deliberately included forum posts within the site-wide search, to allow people to find all the content related to any particular topic on I hope this helps.



Just did a search for my rhubarb query. Very easy to use. Thanks for the info. on how to do that, Daniel. As Green Magpie said, it will save the same questions being repeated (as long as people think to use it.) Perhaps your post above could be in the Help section.

Green Magpie (like the name, btw) I didn't spot the search box at the top of the page, so it's not just you!


I used to use the 'garden clinic' on the old - now closed - BBC site and often found answers to questions I had about my garden.  Also it was interesting just reading the posts.  Could you tell me what would be the nearest thing to it on this site as I have yet to find my way around properley.

Thank you


If you click on 'Forums' at the top you get a list of forums. there is one on 'Problem Solving', which is probably the nearest to the 'Clinic', but there are more options than on the Beeb site, so you might look in 'Plants', or 'Allotments' etc.. 

Wow, that was quick.  Thank you.


Also, Dipadee, try the Search box at the very top of the page which Daniel explains on the fifth message above this one.

I also struggled to find the search box!

It would make sense if there was a separate 'search the forum' box; not only would it be easier to find, but it would then be in line with all other online forums, which tend to have this facility.

Anyone who uses other forums regularly will be accustomed to having a search option within the forum itself.

Daniel Haynes

Hello rockette. Thanks for the suggestion regarding a search facility within the forum. I'll check with the tech team if that would be something they could easily add.



Jacque   David

Hello Daniel  I have just bought a box with a very large agapanthus,  just looks like a lot of roots and a few green shoots , instructions not very clear , when should I plant and if not now how should I store them and should I keep it watered. 


Hi Jacque and David - can I suggest that you start a new thread for your question, with 'agapanthus' in its title, so it's easily spotted by people who can answer your question 

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