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Chrissy the gardener

Hi all, is anyone else having trouble getting in the secret garden ? I've tried always but have not succeeded yet. I've put my subscriber number in but it keeps saying there is something wrong !!! Is it me or are other members having problems?


I've not found a problem - I've sent a message to the GW Office and I'm sure they'll get back to you tomorrow. 


What's the Secret Garden? 

Chrissy the gardener

Thanks Dove,

Lynn go into the secret garden which is shown on the green bar when you are on the forum.


I see it Chrissy, but have the same problem as you and can't get in.



Do you get a monthly email about it?  Can you access it via that?

Chrissy the gardener

Don't get the e.mail Dove so not a option. I only noticed it when someone else posted a question about it on this forum.

How do I get the e.mails ?

I have also tried and have the same problem, won't take subscriber number.


Hello Chrissy / Lyn / floralies,

Sorry to hear you're having issues logging in. Please could you send the following details to

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Subscriber number
  • Email address

These have to be the details you provided when you subscribed, rather than your details (if different).

Thank you 

somerset steve

Hi Chrissy

I had similar problem on my first attempt but on the page when it asks for your subscriber  number I missed the box underneath asking for surname as well - as displayed on your subscriber magazine address insert. 

Hi NoraGW I've just tried to follow your instructions to request assistance to get into Secret Garden and it said 

"this isn't a valid website" so what's that about?? Please clarify 


It's working now 


Hi Passionate,

Apologies for the confusion, is an email address - if you're having issues logging in to the Secret Garden, send the above personal details via email to and we'll look into the issue.

If you've not yet tried to log in to the Secret Garden, you can do so here:

You'll also find a list of frequently asked questions here which should help you with any issues you're experiencing:


Chrissy the gardener

Hello Nora I've had a look at frequently asked questions and not helpful,I might just give up the idea I think I can live without the secret garden.

We are subcribers to Gardener's World.

My wife and I are both deaf.  When we joined up to Secret-Garden and tried to get free complimentary Karcher Hose Reel, To our dismay to find that we had to telephone you to claim our free hose reel.

We cannot phone you as we are both completely DEAF and cannot phone for the free Hose Reel.

There was no other indications that we could either fax or e-mail you for that gift.

Please advise us on how to claim the free Hose Reel.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Mrs Jennifer Denver


We have joined secret gardens. We were dismayed to find that we have to phone you for the free gift. We are both deaf andcannot phone you for it. There was no indication that we could contact you by e-mail or fax or txt. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

I have tried repeatedly to access the Secret Garden in order to enter the competition regarding Le Manoir.. Every time I am told that there is a problem with the details and cannot proceed, despite using the subscriber code found on my magazine sheet. I have subscribed to the magazine for many years and as a Garden Designer I have found it informative, interesting and helpful. However, it is disappointing that the one time I have tried to access the Secret Garden I am blocked at every attempt.

The web-site address provided for "help" does not work on my PC.

Please help before I miss the date to enter.


I've flagged your problem up to the Mods ... I'm sure they'll be in touch with you when they're back in the office.  

Hi Baird2,

I'm having the same problems .... but have been able to access the secret garden in the past .... so I think there must be a gremlin.

I've sent an email for help.