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Can anyone tell me if they heard on the J Vine radio 2 show that if sheeps droppings are put in a sack and left in water butt this would be the best plant feed.Also would it be added to a watering can filled with water(50/50 mix). Or would it be just taking the contents straight from the water butt.

Thanks for your time. 

David K

Chris - Didn't hear this ref on J Vine show, but this is not only true, it has been kicking around since Victorian times.

The principle is very much like making tea with a tea-bag.

Take a small hessian sack, half fill it with sheep droppings (preferably gathered fresh from the field, although you can also use dry cow-pats) tie the top & hang over the side of a *water tank and let it soak for a few days.... the mixture is ready for use when it resembles tea. Before use, be sure to stir well to mix sediment from the bottom

*Personally I think the capacity of most water butts would be too much, hence you would need a huge sack of poo, otherwise the mixture would be too weak. I think a small hessian sack & something like an ex-household cold water tank would be best.

The resultant liquid manure is great stuff! 


I've done this recently. I think it needs a stir from time to time, I put the poo in a net kindling sack and stupidly tied the neck of the bag with a length of string which I then threaded through a hole in the lid of the butt and attached to a stick. I thought this would let me agitate the sack of poo as I went by...but of course the string rotted and broke! And with the recent non stop monsoon the butt has been overflowing, so the mix is running clear. But as I live on the edge of Dartmoor, gathering fresh sheep poo is not really a problem, so I'm going to get another load, drop it in and tie it a bit more securely!

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