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The forum has not worked since around 6pm last night, is someone fixing it?


Daniel says yes on one of the other threads. 


I have had nothing but trouble all day yesterday and still today also.

this is a serious matter ther is flirting to be done.


If using a PC, pressing Ctrl-F5 seems to help in Internet Explorer.

Heather Michaels

I had problems with the site from mid afternoon yesterday until a little while ago. Seems to be resolved now thankfully.

Shocking the amount of flirting that goes on around here (mentioning no names at all!) 



just F5 works for me. my concern is for those that haven't worked it out or don't remember from last time and we can't communicate with them.

I don't know if this will post, but there doesn't seem to be anything appearing since about 18:00 Wednesday.

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

An update on the caching problems with the site: I'm afraid we're not quite there with a full fix on this yet. The tech team needs to tinker a bit further before we're properly up and running again. Apologies - I was hopeful we'd have a full fix by the end of today.

I'll be given an update late morning (Friday 27th), so I'll pass on any information as I have it.

In the meantime, annoying though it is, please refresh your browser, by simultaneously clicking Ctrl and F5 on a PC, or Shift, Cmd and R on mac to update the forum lists and your private message list. Alternatively, on an iPad, do this via Settings Safari. (Unfortunately, if a full refresh isn't working for anyone, there's nothing more we can do until the tech team fix.)

If you need any further help, it's best to drop us a line at rather than private messaging, as some of you are having trouble picking up responses. We'll pick up emails in the morning and get back to you.

Fingers crossed for better news tomorrow.

Daniel Haynes

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