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Sent a message about these this morning-have had a reply from Daniel-saying they hope to switch them over on Monday

Don't know if the site will be out of action for a bit-not being a tecchie-but if it is- that may be the reason

Caz W

Thanks Geoff 


that is sooo good.  Now for the smilie faces - do you think they will move?



They are graphics files known as 'animated GIFs' and lots of forums use them, so fingers crossed that the format used here supports them.  If so, the team can have a

but I'm sure we'll all not be

 if not!



Have had a message and an update on this from Daniel just now- for those who wondered why it didn't happen today


Hello Geoff,

I'm really sorry it hasn't gone live today. I've checked several times, and apparently there is an issue with the process of moving site changes from our development server to the live server, which needs to be fixed before the icons can be made live.

I know that switching over a few emoticons seems like a very minor issue, but  the team are working hard on fixing the issue, which affects small development jobs just as much as larger ones. I'm as frustrated as you probably are with the delay, but if could bear with us just a little longer, I'd be very grateful.

I'll chase it up again first thing tomorrow morning!





Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to tell you that the Christmas-themed emoticons are now available, for you to do with as you will! 

(If you can't yet see them from the dropdown menu, you might need to clear your cache of temporary files in your web browser - Ctrl + F5 on a PC, Cmd + R on a mac.)

I hope you enjoy them...

Daniel Haynes


Thank you but is easier said than done for nnovice computer people 


If anybody is still having trouble accessing Christmas Smileys-if you download and run this programme it will clean the cache and temporary files and the smileys will be there in a drop-down menu

A number of us have already and it works-and the bonus is your computer will also run noticebly faster



Heyyy! Big hand for Daniel and Geoff for seasonal smileys


Caz W

Thanks to Daniel and the Techies



Jean Genie

Cheers Daniel

 ( and Geoff )

Have a cyber drink on us