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Daniel-Happy New Year

We all loved the Christmas smileys-is there any chance they could be extended-this is a link to those who were on the BBC boards had access to

just coved a lot more emotions-there are probably other options as well.

If possible of course



Daniel - Happy New Year

It would be really good if we could have a few more smileys - a sigh would be good, and a 'Doh'  and a wave for hello/goodbye.

The Christmas ones were great. Thanks.


Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

I'm glad to hear that you liked the Christmas smileys. I'll ask the design team very nicely for some extra emoticons. They have a very busy January ahead of them, so please bear with them.






Thank you Daniel.

we will try to be patient 


We will ??

yes we will-

won't we?

-or will we?



Certainly will

Miss Becks

Daniel, tell them to bugger off!! It's a forum for gardeners, not a playground!

But we do enjoy using them for expressing ourselves.

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