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hollie hock

This site has been plagued by spammers & rubbish posts tonight- please can something be done about this before it spoils what it is a fantastic site and enjoyed by many

Miss Becks

There is a report to moderator button Hollie, but will anyone be online at this time to stop it??


Alina W

No, there isn't.

Hopefully it'll be sorted tomorrow.


Oh well, a bit of a shock at this time in the morning - let's hope it's all sorted by the time I get home from work.  Have a good day everyone, especially the Moderator 


Has anyone reported these?

Gary Hobson

Alina's message suggests that she has reported it. One of the drawbacks of having a forum that's open 24 hours is that it can't be attended at all times.

There seem to be around 16ish posts from each of 8 spammer names. You can actually get rid of them all by 'ignoring' the culprits. They are these names:


That does restore the apperance of the forum.

It shouldn't be hard for techy people to delete those spammer names, and their posts.

I wonder what can be done to prevent it from happening again, every night. These people have no scruples. TBH I find spam a real pain in the neck. I have filters on my Email, but they are not 100% effective, so some rubbish still gets through, and there's always a chance that something legitimate gets sent to spam, and is missed.

Perhaps we should be grateful that the products being advertised last night are only watches and similar.

Jean Genie

Gary - I'm not sure what to do. Where is the ignore button ?  Thanks.

Hi Jean. Open one of the rubbish posts, the ones advertising stuff. Hover the cursor over the poster's icon, and a box should appear with the options to ignore or message. Click on ignore and all that poster's messages will disappear. Repeat with all rubbish posts. Took me about 5 minutes.
Jean Genie

Thanks Figrat no e-mail notifications of any weird stuff though just the normal ones.



I have sent Daniel Haynes a message-hopefully he can sort it

Have found the quickest way to ignore is click on new discussions and there they are


Have just "unignored" one as an experiment-all spam seems to have been removed

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

Thanks for alerting us to the spam last night. I think I've found all the offending posts, but if you come across any more please use the report function!

Daniel Haynes



Alina W

Thanks, Daniel.

Yes, Gary, I did report some of them - it does no harm to give the Mods a few pointers to them.

Miss Becks

Thankyou Daniel.

I reported a few, but then had to go to bed.