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Am pleased with the new changes especially being able to upload pphoto's from my IPad........but the  spell check takes over and re writes most of my comments, I have to keep going back and CORRECT THE SPELL CHECKER. 


Toggle the spellchecker icon in the bar just above your message box. Second one in  from the right (ABC and tick symbol)


Still got this tiny printing in the answer box though.

I find the Spell checker switches itself off each time.


That's funny, Berghill. I had tiny font on my answer box  a couple of weeks ago, when i first returned to the site. I kept making typo's. For some reason it is now normal font and I can't think of anything I did to change it. 

right, will give it a go......mmmm......seems better now.  The symbol is ticked AND I am not having any probs.....thanks Goldy.


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