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Help! I have been given 1342 plant reviews that are not mine. There was another post like this but I cannot find it currently.

Mods/editor, can they be given back to their rightful owener or owners?

I have not reviewd any plants ...


I've got 1342 reviews as well. I wonder if they are all the same.


I think everyone's got these. We've had them since sometime last year. Perhaps forever


I've gone from about 150 posts to over 4000.



Ah, so you are the Kitchen appliances crew then!


You probably post in your sleep Muddyfork.

Does it really matter about the reviews. Already said today that I have 1300 odd. Never reviewed a thing.


At least I do not feel left out this time, I too am stuffed to the gills with reviews.

Thanks all, TT, it must have been your post that I read - I didn't realise it was such a widespread problem


Bilbo Baggins returned home (1342 by Shire reckoning).

Hey, I've done 1342 reviews as well. I'm more intelligent than I thought. And so busy.



Don't know if I have any - cos I ain't  looked! 

...but I will now!


1342 as well 

Happy new year Bilbo!

Everyone (that I have checked) now has 1343 (but I can only see five or six, the same ones for all it seems)

This is a growing problem and the tech team need to investigate the root cause although they might be barking up the wrong tree before somebody twigs what's going on ,,,


Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

The tech team are aware of this issue, and it is in the queue for a fix.



Berghill wrote (see)

Ah, so you are the Kitchen appliances crew then!

I must read my reviews and see if any of them are any good....

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