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Not the people on it though they have been lovely!

It takes maybe 3 attempts to post something and when i do post something i cant see it. Or i can see it but i cant see any replies. Or when i can see replies i cant reply to the replies. Or the whole forum jumps back in time making me think i'm crazy! Uploading a pic on ipad is just painful. This forum could be good, i'm sure it is when it works

Ggrrrrr rant over 


Hi, there's been a problem on the forum for a couple of days - we've found we can get around it by pressing F5 or Refresh after we've posted.  It's a bit of a pain but I'm sure the techies are working on it.  

This is a free forum and as such we can't expect to be their top priority 

Hiya mrsDinz

Me too.  It is frustrating at the moment.  Hang on in there a while longer will all be fine soon


I've got the hang of it now. Works fine, just different.


I think the site doesnt like apple or apple doesnt like the site.  Im blaming apple. Its their fault



Thats interesting that you can upload pictures from an ipad.

I didn't think that was possible with Ios or android without a dedicated app.

If you can then thats a definite improvement, however it could be while rewriting the code for the site to allow that to happen it's let a new bug wreak havoc. Unfortunately that can happen all to easily and sometimes these bugs are quite tricky to track down.

Anyway it is great to see that the site is being improved even thou it seems to have thrown up a strange error. I expect it will be fixed soon.

It must be very recent because i wasnt able to the other day and was using photo bucket until i noticed someone mentioned having trouble uploading from ipad on a thread yesterday so thought id give it a try today and it works.

Cant upload a profile pic or link to facebook though

Its all apples fault 

I have just pm Daniel asking that he inform us what is going on with the forum.  I for one am finding it difficult to post on now and to read the latest comments.  

I now cant see any new posts or updated posts past 9:30 this morning unless i go onto a thread to post an 'empty' message then it shows new messages. Bonkers!

I can't see any of my new posts and i never get emails notifying me of responses

And, unrelated but bonkers, in my profile bit it says iv reviewed over 1300 articles!!

its still apples fault though 


Verd andMrsD - have you tried refreshing the page you post onto once you've submitted it or the pages on threads you want to look at? That seems to be the only way it works just now. 

Unless the iPads have other problems too!

MrsD - the 'email response' doodah hasn't been working properly for a while. Tina already flagged it up to Daniel recently. I don't use it but lots of people do. I use  'followed threads' which gives you the ones you follow (although that doesn't seem to be working very well either) but it might at least let you see where you've posted etc. Failing that, you have to just look through each thread and refresh the pages as you go, but it can be time consuming!


Message from Daniel + my reply on Morning Forkers thread.  Not that anyone is going to see this

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

I'm enormously for these frustrating technical problems. I've just had an update from our technical helpdesk - they've identified the cause of the problems with threads not refreshing, and the issue with logging in to the competitions. A fix has been implemented, so you should see the effect of that shortly.

If you still have any problems, do let me know and I'll refer them back to the team.

Re: notification messages, this is being pushed up the priority list. This doesn't mean I can promise the fix will be instant, but the team are aware that it is an important issue and how frustrating it is for you that it's not working. I'll update you once I know more.

Thanks for your patience.



It says Daniel is the last one to post on this thread...but there was no sign of his post when I started to wrte this. We are really having problems at the moment! 


Me too. I am new to the site and i am  finding it very frustrating.I am sure that it will be sorted out soon,It will be a very usefull site when running properly,as there are so many nice people on here offering good advice.






It seems to be working OK now. Fingers crossed


Yes what dave said

Thanks Daniel seems to be working at the moment. 

Seems to be working at mo.  I think it was Tina threatening to sing one of her songs that forced the fix.  

Any newbies to the forum, Tina is none other than the famous Tina turner, as in Ike and Tina turner.


Yep, that's me Verdun. Love to shake my booty!!

Isn't it good that everything is OK again.


Plus, she lives on the city limits, and you should see her nutbush!


Please don't Tina- it'll frighten the horses....

Could be worse- she could be Daniel O'Donnell....