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your weelky online mag is great, but some of your advice and hints could mislead the novice gardener the one thing that has made write this missive. is your advice to lift dahlias ,etc,etc, and store in a frost free place, but were in the s.e, kent to be precise, perhaps ,all advice should be given with a caviat , ie, this advice is dependant on current weather condition and what your site and situation is... then give the latest a job should be done, as a landscape gardener myself i often have to say to customers and friends alike. is just use common sense , i know that people will take what you print as gospel ,( there i feel better now )....all the best dave12

Pennine Petal
I generally add 2 weeks to any timings. At a 1000ft up in Lancashire, there is a noticeable difference in flowering time. My sedum spectacle fir example is only just starting to go pink.

I only use it now as a rough guide and live pretty much in the middle of the country, that's if you drew a line across the middle of the uk, so find it quite useful as a reminder.I'm in the Lune valley so could probably leave timings 3 weeks 

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