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I have just opened 'My Reviews' and find over 1300 reviews have been attributed to me.  Total nonsense, I haven't ever done a plant review.  Someone please take them away.......!  Would be good if I was notified about responses, like it says on the packet, but that doesn't happen.Currently finding navigating the forum very frustrating... 

Holly.....yep it's been difficult and frustrating but the forum is getting there, technically. ,enjoy the weather......if its like it is here it will be fabulous

Hi Holly Join the club ,my revues are also 1342, no tool bar, cant upload ,as iv said im on an ordinary lap top and im informed the powers at be will be canceling my bit so i can join again , fingers crossed cus its a good chat aint it, and loads of info
Good luck Alan4711
Stacey Docherty

Read this and looked at mine as well mine are sitting at 1342!!!??????? I don't get emails either which is v annoying 


Have you not seen Daniel Haynes post on these problems? There are also 2 other threads which were running discussing things not working properly. Big problem been fixed, others in the pipeline. I also have 1300 odd reviews. Not a problem, I just ignore.


i forgot i dont get emails either,, add to the list

Yes, Dove, we must hang on to that thought! I'm just not very good at sitting at my laptop trying to work out what's happening - my boredom threshhold is very low.

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