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I'm looking to plant a Laburnum x watereri 'Vossii' in my back garden. How close can I plant this to my home?


Now that size of font is sure to get my attention!!!! How did you do it?

First of all, it's a lovely tree. 

One legal source gives the safe distance for a laburnum as 30 feet, but that a very cautious figure, and is for heavy clay soil that shrinks and expands a lot according to moisture level. A deciduous tree will suck up moisture when in leaf, during summer when the soil is naturally drier anyway. In winter when the soil is much wetter the tree does not draw up any moisture, so the effect of these trees in heavy clay soil is that the foundations can rise / fall a lot more over the course of a year. In well drained soils you can plant much closer. In practice, I have read somewhere that very few instances of subsidence damage occur where the tree is 16 feet or more away from the house.

A couple of  other things to consider:

Laburnum pods / seeds are very poisonous, so don't plant one close to a pond that has fish it it, and bear in mind that inquisitive young children might try eating a seed.

Careful not to plant above drainage. It can be expensive to repair. 


Wow - thanks for all that information Gold1locks. It's been very usefull to me.

I'm a gardening novice (to a degree) and inherited a beautiful well stocked garden (mainly of an array of established shrubs - some of which I still havven't fathomed out what they are!) when I bought my home 2 years ago.

There was a beautiful elegant tree (don't know what type it was) of about 8 - 10ft high that was growing happily away at approximately 6ft away from the corner of my bungalow, but I "lost" it when we had the last lot of snowfall here. It's left a fairly big gap in the sounding area since I cut it down and was really looking for something to replace it with.

The gap where I'm looking to fill has a surrounding 8ft variegated laurel, an 6ft Red Robin, and an ornamental tree of some description (don't know what type that is either!!) Have you any suggestions what I could try growing there please? The area has sunlight in the morning but is shaded for the most part of the day - if that's any help??!!

As for your comment about my font - I wasn't aware that it shows up any different to yours as it all looks the same to me here..!! Hopefully I wasn't "shouting"..!! 

Many thanks


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