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one of our favourite contributors is forced to stop posting because of another troll on this forum. BRUMBULL is being impersonated by a BRUMBALL and posting as him.

BrumbUll has injected some brilliant threads lately and some interesting debate and I for one have enjoyed it a great deal.

I hope the forum will rally around to sort out just who BrumbAll is and to remove him from this forum.  The moderators have to sort out the names of posters to ensure they are not too similar, either by accident or deliberately..  I myself have suffered from this in the past and almost stopped posting. Same thing is happening to Brumbull.

Brumbull, I hope you read this...its up to the forum to be more observant when reading and replying to threads to make sure someone is not being impersonated and we are responding to the right person..  If we...the members and the moderators....cannot sort this quickly the forum will lose any credibility.


Well posted Verdun, I agree that Brumbull has made some great posts and been a valuable member and it would be a shame to loose him. It's a shame that other posters seem to want to upset this usually happy balance.

Gardening Grandma

Ther ignore button is the best option since this is the weekend and action is likely to be taken on Monday. last time we had trolls, this did not happen and they had the chance to make trouble.


I agree GG, if everyone hits the Ignore button on Brumball (make sure you get the right one )

then we'll not see his posts so there's no point in him making any.  I'm fairly certain this is not a regular poster but someone who has tried to mimic another poster in the past - trying to cause disharmony.

We'll not let him 

Gardening Grandma

I've just seen a jon cob on another thread. Don't know if he has be4en reported to the mod. I did it just in case.



Fairly certain it's not our old friend JC as this one's UK based - but yes, report the posts and 'Ignore' the poster.

Why do the mods say that Brumbull has to stop posting then.?
Lyn, morning.
Brumbull....BULL.. Is,a genuine,poster but someone,calling himself,posting as BRUMBULL.
It's easy to mistake the two.posters...just one letter different.
The moderators have not told BRUMBULL to stop. He himself,has said,he will stop. We need BRUMBALL to stop. We need to.observe carefully, exactly,who we are replying to.
It's very frustrating to read a post apparently from oneself to know its actually sent by someone else.
I,own name was tinkered with a while back ....
Lyn, I hope I have explained ok without confusing even further.
So we can just click ignore buttons on brumballs avatar, and answer brumbull then.

Thanks Brumball you just made it even easier to ignore you.  I think you have just confirmed your Trolling nature. One letter difference might be accidental but you have gone for a very similar avatar too. 

what a strange and twisted individual you are why do you enjoy being disliked?




Phew, he almost had me fooled, but then it is a bit early for me. Had to double check on the avatar.  Crafty s.d

Folks, that Brum ball has just posted. Will now set my ignore button
Hey, let's just laugh at this guy. Look carefully, all of us, and do what I did ignore

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