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Has anyone else got this problem? When I type on some of the threads on the GW site letters keep getting left out and sometimes I have to press the keys quite hard to make them work. As I type this it's OK, but I just answered a question on compost and it was very bad, some threads are worse than others. Doesn't happen anywhere else, emails etc, so can't be my laptop.


Busy, I've not had a problem with typing & posting, but look at what happened to me yesterday


You mean when it wouldn't let you sign in? How frustrating! It's letting me type at the moment.


..strange things do happen here... on page 2 there is a thread called 'Mystery Plants from Inherited Garden'.... all the recent posts on it are highlighted in 'bold' print for some reason...


I noticed that too Salino. Very strange!

It's nothing to do with me..honest guv...had my wand serviced recently 

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