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I have been trying to order the 200 free bulbs from the thompson & morgan site ever since my September magazine arrived - but the offer is not there.

I tried to order it from the Gardeners World site, once it turned up there. apart from having togive my details again, which is silly since I'm a registered user - I just keep getting an error message asking me to try again.

And this is the nearest I can find toi a "contact us" to find out what is going on.

I'm annoyed.  Annoyed enough to consider cancelling my subscription to the magazine! If I'm lucky someone who runs things will contact me.  If not -pffft!


It comes up for me


Try it again Lindsay, I've just got on and ordered this myself.

Daniel Haynes

Hello Lindsay,

Apologies for the problem you've experienced accessing the order. The following link should work:

We've found in the past that some users have been unable to access the links because they type the link printed in the magazine into the search field of their browser, rather than the address bar, usually located top left.

If you have any further difficulties, do please let me know.

Daniel Haynes

I've had lots of trouble in the past too. I phone my order through now. Stress free!


Thank you  all.

I'd tried to order these exactly the same as I'd done 2 previous offers just a few days before, (putting the order code in the space on the t&m site where you specify what you're looking for) so I was totally baffled. It was a great relief tofind I wasn't the only one who has problems sometimes.

And yes, I've used the link Daniel gave me & ordered them successfully.

Thank you again.

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