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I have been trying to add a picture from my picture gallery but although i am doing as process says does not download can you advise.

Maybe it was a glitch in the system at the time. I've uploaded pics in a topic today OK.  Slow, but it did work.  I've uploaded from my PC if that makes a difference.


I could only upload from pc today and not from ipad


When I posted some pics earlier I had a very weird box come up, lots of symbols and something about wrong pathway. I thought the pics wouldn't post but they did. There was summat a bit odd


I shall see if my iPad can post a picture of a James Grieve apple that fell off my early prematurely. It is still undersized and shows thaI the apples are still getting a condition knoan as bitterpit. Well, here goes...

Well first of all it was upside down (nothing new there) then I tried again with a cropped version -  it still looks distorted but I haven't yet submitted.

I'm pressing Submit reply now...






That looks OK - perhaps the secret is to crop off some of the size.


Can't stand the incorrect Spell checking though


I don't seem to have spell-checking 


Dove - on my iPad I can control spellchecking features by going to Settings, then General, then Keyboard.

You then have a number of options which you can turn on or off eg Autocapitalisation, Auto-correct etc


I'm on a laptop (most of the time, sometimes on an iPhone) and can get spellcheck in Word etc but not on this Forum - it doesn't bother me - I'm pretty used to proof-reading quickly and usually remember to do it when posting and my spelling's not bad.  If I forget and make a blooper we'll all have to pretend I'm having a Semi-Senior Moment 

I'm having trouble uploading pics from laptop too. Will try cropping but I think there's a glitch somewhere

Hi im on a laptop at home on leky not battery, iv had no smilies or able to upload pics for months,iv got 1368 reviews and 1 post iv also had an email asking if i want to be taken off so i can try again i said YES that was it seems years ago but Nothing is happening just like the rubbish estate agents iv got take me off Please,,,
apart from this pain in the A im sound as a pound,and the holiday makers seem to have gone home ,,bless em i know this cus i can see the beech again b on it tomorrow i hope

Definately a glitch - had an OOOPPs posted.  Still not working. Frustrating as I have an unidentified plant and am no closer to discovering what it is!! Come on technies - sort it out for those of us who have a problem

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