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Hello Site Techies

For the last two days I have been receiving email notifications of new postings even though I have always had this facility turned off. Checking my settings I found that it had somehow changed to 'grouped' and I swear I did not knowingly do this.
Today I have again received notifications and, checking my settings, found that it was still 'off'' . Not a major issue but something that it would be nice to have sorted, please.


Oh noooooooooooooo. Now I'm really embarrassed    

I've just spotted that the tick box under the thread I was using has been checked. Must've happened during the Forkers' party last night when the dog sat on me and it was tricky to access the keyboard.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Engage brain before opening mouth, Flo.


If that's the worst you do when the brain is disengaged you will be fine !!  With you I do find the notifications a pain in the left nostril - though I can see how people would find them useful.


Yeah, but it's not obvious that you can turn-off notifications in general but override that setting for individual threads.  It's also rather easy to 'ignore' your own posts by accidentally clicking the black pop-up box which appears when you hover the cursor over your own avatar.  A few folk here have been caught out by that one, resulting in quite some confusion!



Bookertoo and BobtheG thank you for showing some sympathy


As for Bunny 



Sorry to be a bore, but it's happened again - since I unticked the box!!! And I absolutely definitely DID NOT tick it again, even by accident. It's only on Fork Handles, not on any other threads. 


Flo-if you click on the next email notification to unsubscribe -that might fix it-also did you click "save changes"

Sue H
Why haven't I got a smiley with sunglasses. I want one....

Thanks for the suggestion, Geoff. I didn't think of looking for unsubscribe as I din't have to do that when I joined. I did save changes but every time I go back to fork handles the box is ticked again.


Unsubscribing through the link in the eamil appears to have worked.

Thanks Geoff,  unofficial geek.


I tried to stop Fork hnadles notifications today. Still getting them

Will look tomorrow now

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