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chilli lover

Is anyone else having problems using the back button? I keep inding that once I'm in a thread and want to go back it doesn't do it and I have to close the window and go back in from scratch to go to another thread


Chilli - happening to me too.  Assume it is part of the general site gremlins at the moment - or maybe it is a knock on effect of someone behind the scenes  trying to fix something, as I hadn't noticed the problem til this evening.

I think you can get round the problem for now by clicking on "latest posts" instead.

chilli lover

Yes that does work hcf (long name phew!) but I do tend to like to go through one topic area at a time - just call me sad!



I open a thread by using the right mouse button and clicking on "open in a new tab". That way I can just close the tab and I'm back to the other threads.


I did ask for a 'Back to the top' button at the bottom of each page - it would be so helpful, but it seems to have passed them by - I suppose they've had a lot on their plates.

chilli lover

Chicky - sorry thanks to you for the confirmation it's not just me

Yes good idea Sue - except that at home we're still not  up to "open in a new tab" !

Dove - I can't get out of a thread!



It's been fine all day for me, chilli.  What browser are you using?  With my techie hat on, I can tell you that some adverts on websites have started causing the back button to stop working in Internet Explorer 9.  I use IE9 and have it set up to block adverts, which may be why it is OK for me.


Just checked and mine is back working again now!  These things are all a bit of a mystery to me


Thanks Bob!

chilli lover

Bob - sorry for the delay in acknowledging your response - ususally logged off by 22.00hrs!

I'm using IE8 but I have had no problems today at work (only looking briefly, honest) or at home. If it happens again I'll follow your advice. Thanks. Janet

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