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hollie hock

Not sure if it's just me, but this site seems really slow


Not had any problems recently, it's seemed quite fast.

 On top of which we had our Broadband upgraded yesterday and things are whizzing along nicely - could it be your broadband speed?


Ok for me Hollie.

Glad you are now whizzing along Dove

hollie hock

Thanks, think it's at my end, bit better tonight

I find it slow to get on line then once on the site things speed up. I put it down to the problem being my connection.   



Site is currently not updating./ has crashed?

Heather Michaels

Grrrr. What is wrong with this thing today? I've just uploaded pics, its thrown me off the site and deleted my post! Quite annoying I have to say. Any time I click to go into the forum its kicks me out and tells me I have to sign in again. And I had trouble uploading the pics, the link to upload from my computer isn't working. Grrrr. Rant over!

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you're all well and enjoying the beautiful weather x


it's not updating. back the press F5 button again. Took me a while to catch on so may have done doubleposts.

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