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Hi, I found out about this forum last week and joined up immediately as I have been wondering about a pruning a Robinia Frisia - or not......

My thread has disappeared (or so it seems), so wondering if I am in moderation.....


Pennine Petal

Some gremlins on the site recently, Patsy, I would repost. Welcome to the forum by the way.

Yes - welcome Patsy - I had some problems last week, which I seem to have

overcome more by good luck than good management I have to say!  I would do

what Petal says and repost!  Best wishes!

Hiya patsy...can't have you in "moderation"

Welcome to the forum.  Some funny people on this forum but I'm ok.............oops!

No, it's a great bunch here.......some very knowledgeable people that can sort most issues I think

Robinia Frisia?   You can cut this hard back.....late winter or early spring is best...and it will produce nice fresh foliage again.  


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